Selected Shows and Grants

  Coming next: Henrichshuette Hattingen, Germany, Industrial Museum, june 17th 2018: “ToscanaBlues” in group show: ILVA . Castiglioncello, Italy; 2017, Castello Pasquini “Melting Pot” at Rosignano Festival of Photography Milan, Italy, 2014. Show “Free Trasform – Family Album revised ”, Studio Artecrescita  Perugia, Italy, 2012. Show “Free Trasform – Family Album revised ”, Social Photo Fest Florence, June, 2011. Group exibit" Oh! Nirica" at Otto luogo dell'arte, Palazzo Rucellai Piombino, Italy, March 2011, Convivenze, Citypalace Potenza,Italy, March 2009. Participation at show  “Viaggio In Basilicata”, Museo Archeologico Provinciale Rome, Italy, October 2007. Show. “Confini – Lost Horizons”, Massenzio Arte Gallery. Florence, Italy, May 2006. Show. “Confini – Lost Horizons”, Palazzo Medici Riccardi. Florence, Italy, March 2005. Contemporary Online Show at Orvieto, Italy; November 2004. SACI (Studio Art Centers International in Florence), Faculty Exhibit at Galleria Zerotre. Matera, Italy, May 2004. Selected for “Premio regione Basilicata" with show " Viaggio in Lucania" at Palazzo Lanfranco. – Circle 24, Den Haag, Netherlands 2003 (digital montage photography). Pavullo, Italy, May 2003. Participation in ”Il Terzo, Che Ti Cammina Accanto”, Gallery Sotteranei di Palazzo Ducale. Dortmund, Germany, December 2002. Show: ”From South to North”, Faculty for Photography. Treviso, Italy, November 2002. Show: “ Sotto Sopra Fotomontaggi”, Spazio Antonino Paraggi. Florence, Italy, June 2002. Participation in ”Le Murate”, Prison of Florence. Leinfelden, Germany, May 2002. Show: “Drunter und Drueber”, Deutsche Fotografische Akademie. New York, September 2001. Participation in “Focus on Italy”, NYU, Gulf and Western Gallery. Lucca, Italy, March 2001. “From South to North”, Gallery Officina Per L’Arte. Mannheim, Germany, October 2000. Show entitled “Sottosopra”, Gallery Alte Feuerwache. Kecskemet, Hungary, March 1999. Participation in “Picture And Text“, in Photomuseum Kecsemet. Chiasso, Switzerland, October 1998. Show entitled ”From South To North “, Cons Arc Gallery. New York, U.S.A., March 1998. Show entitled “Nowhere Land”, NYU, Tisch School of Fine Arts. Athens, U.S.A., February 1998. Participation in the show “Alternatives 1998” at Ohio University Art Gallery. Los Angeles, U.S.A., January 1998, Participation in website exhibition of Pedro Meyer. Kecskemet, Hungary, May 1997. Participation in “Shadows” in Photomuseum Kecskemet. Osterfeld, Germany, December 1997. Show entitled “Nowhere Land”, Kulturhaus. Florence, Italy, November 1997. Show entitled “From South to North”, Studio Marangoni. Medellin, Colombia, July 1997. Show entitled “Nowhere Land”, Biblioteca Pilota. Hamburg, Germany, April 1997. Show entitled “From South to North”, Forum für Fotografie, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe. Valencia, Spain, November1996. “Finalista, Hofmann de Fotografia”. Berlin, Germany, October 1996. Show entitled “Begrenzte Grenzenlosigkeit” in Neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst Gallery. Rozzano, Milan, April 1996. Participation in the show “Other cultures”. Biel, Switzerland, January 1996. Participation in the show: “L’avenir au feminin”, Photoforum PasqART. Valencia, Spain, November 1995. “Finalista, Hofmann de Fotografia”. Hamburg, Germany, October 1995. Show entitled "A place where I have never been" in Grauwert Gallery. Berlin, Germany, September 1995. Participation in "Bestiario", Galerie Raab. Stuttgart, Germany, April 1995. Presentation at congress of "Deutsche Fotografische Akademie”. Dinant, Belgium, April 1995. Participation in the show "L'Amour des Différences". Milan, March 1995. Show entitled "Inside Horizons" in Galleria IF Immagine - Fotografia. Milan, March 1995. Show entitled "Inside Horizons" in Fondation Enzo Nocera. Florence, February 1995. “Premio Studio Marangoni”, collective show. Milan, February 1995. Collective show entitled "Paradise". Prato (Florence), February 1995. Show entitled "Place of life" at Centro per l'Arte Contemporanea "Luigi Pecci". Prato (Florence), January 1994. Awarded National Grant of Regione Toscana for Woman Photographers. Genova, December 1994. Awarded Grant of Foundation Giacomo Costa. Salamanca, Spain, December 1994. Show entitled: "Waters of memory" at the Fine Art Gallery of the University Of Salamanca. Palermo, November 1994. Awarded Grant "Gente di Fotografia". Genova, November 1994. Show entitled "Inside Horizons" in Foundation Giacomo Costa. Torino, March 1994. Show entitled "Inside Horizons" at Clic Gallerie. Florence, September 1993. Participation in "Photosalone Torino". Florence, November 1992. Show entitled "Lost Horizons". Arezzo, May 1991. Show and lecture on the "Every Day Journey". Florence, December 1989. Show entitled "A Second Hand Life". Florence, June 1988. Show and lecture given at the University of Florence, in the Department of Liberal Arts. Bielefeld, September 1987. Show entitled "Florence - Youth Culture and Contemporary Life" at University  Department of Fine Arts. Florence, July 1987. Show entitled: "Portraits of Men" at Galleria Lupupa.
Piombino, Italy 2011