from east to west

today more than ever, is an expressive language that corresponds perfectly to the “Zeitgeist” of our times. Combining photographs allows me to interweave and concentrate the images. References, allusions and analogies appear: a surreal atmosphere is created which leads the viewer to another reality – one which may be read only beyond the confines of the photo frame. I feel a body of work is often strongest and most sincere when it challenges ist viewer and its creator equally to consider new perspectives and ideas. Recently I use the possibilities of the digital darkroom: The computer’s ability to synthesise – its ability to take disparate materials and weave them into a single continuum. It lends itself easily to both surrealist and postmodern perspectives. While my working methods have been radically altered, my interest has remained the same. The content of my previous work has flowed naturally onto the screen and into the images before you. The single works of the series "From East to West" are digital  prints, mounted and framed, size from 40x40 cm to 40x70cm.