Habitat 2017

For the recent work “Melting Pot” I was looking for animals to be included in collage with industrial context. In an internet search I came up to the series of “Schleich”. I had not noticed, but my three favorite – the okapi was joined by a zebra and finally by a wolf – are part of this great family of german figurines. A whole world awaited my exploration.

I see pictures posted online to sell toys of grown up children. They make me smile –  the shots on the dining table, on the floor and on the sofa. There are photos made by figurine collectors, perfectly acclimatized in nature. Others opt for monochromatic backgrounds and offer three perspectives.

I find shots of animals lying on the back showing the brand under the belly. They seem shocking allusions to the risk of extinction of many species. I sharpen my eye and I go in search of quality shots, with good light and resolution. Some make me burst with laughter because of the unintentionally funny postures. I get the idea to create works that make you smile at first glance and then provoke a reflection on the ambiguous and complex role that animals today play in our society. An example for this vast field, it is a thought of Richard David Precht: “Some rabbits are lucky enough to live under the table and die a natural death – including tears and a grave in the garden, others have the misfortune to end up on our plate “.

Day by day I see more, I fall in love with “long lived” animals, scratched and discolored. In the jargon of the auction they are called: bespielt and replica. In my eyes they are more vital than new ones, perfect with the line of the mold under the belly, they have acquired uniqueness. They are the survivors. Their expression varies from suffering to pride and unintentionally funny. I try to buy a few. The search just with the criterion “bespielt” – played. Sometimes they cost less, unlike specimens with the famous manufacturer flag offered from collectors shops. I hunt for the unprofessional insertion, no serial number with blurry photos and made without care. I learn and study, take notes of the model numbers, I research and I compare. Photos made with mobile phone and flash, unlike shots made with care and attention … luckily I have access to Ebay.de. On the Italian market there is not much. Before Christmas the offer increases, I learn to evaluate auctions and find many animals without spending a fortune.

I discover other manufacturers and renew a passion lived in childhood: I read Konrad Lorenz when I was 12 and wanted to be a biologist when I am grown up. Passionately I study this world full of animals, some I did not even suspect existed – from the monkey Chap Mei to Capybara.

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