look both ways

From South to North – Sabine Korth    di Antonella Pelizzari

Sabine Korth moves around the world with a light camera and with a
map without borders. The camera is a Minox. The map is constructed
through her foreign sensibility. She is German, she lives in
Italy, and she has traveled to many “exotic” places: Zimbabwe,
Egypt, Ghana, Venezuela, Cuba, Turkey, Mexico, and, of course,

The feeling of lightness and the exclusion of borders are
conducive to Sabine´s montages: pictures made of sketchy
impressions, contained inside a frame that is not a frame, just a pause between stories, which seem interconnected to one another.
When she is back home, she makes the montages. She looks at her
contacts like a child looks at her toys. She plays with them, she
dreams through them, she cuts and pastes her dreams.
Sabine needs to see distant lands because she needs to explore the
nature of her dreams. In some cases, these dreams reflect a
Northern European fascination with warm climates and luscious
nature. But the work is not about that. She does not appropriate
the foreign world with a voyeuristic, distant attraction. Her
attraction to these sites has something to do with herself.

She questions her own identity as she visits the natives who look like
her, smile like her, get undressed like her. She becomes part of
her world, feeling, for an instant, that hers is “a small world”.
But the work is not about that either. Sabine does not recognize a
universal pattern which helps her to decipher distant lands and
people. She feels different from this world, as she perceives the
differences inside it.
She sees English advertisements in Africa, tourist shoes dangling
on camels, tv screens above the desert landscape, Christian
iconography and African dances, military power and artificial
gardens, evolution and revolution.

She lets the foreign place visit her, and she brings the memory of the visit into her contemporary European awareness. She brings camels to Berlin, Turkish mosques into Germany, African masks in the subway, the Brandeburg´s gate by the Pyramids, the African kids by the Berlin wall. She dwells, with dreams and concerns, in the large world without borders, once captured with a small camera.

The single works of the series “Look Both Ways” are digital  prints, mounted and framed, size from 40×40 cm to 50x50cm.