“Second Wind” – a novel

In 2010 in a museum shop in Florence I bought Salman Rushdie’s book “The Enchantress of Florence”.  I read it in one take, captured by the Remix of historical facts and names in a novel of intriguing fantasy.

Earlier this year listening to the companion audio book, my glance fell on some cut out animals from my previous project “Habitat”.

I opened a drawer and found a box of very old photographs, a special gift from a dear friend. They cover the life of her lover, which ended too early. She entrusted me with the photos: I don’t need paper to remember him, but you might breathe new life into them. The whole box was damaged in the great Florence flood of 1966 and most images are half covered with mud in a most beautiful manner.

The ancient prints are very much alive, refuse to lie flat, I choose to photograph them capturing the three-dimensionality.

The silver emulsion refuses to fade, to disappear. Broken, bend, half obliterated from mud it goes on bearing messages. The collages are evoking other stories, the viewer can make up his own narratives, but the silvery fragments are firmly rooted in history.

In this work I use 40 quotes from Salman Rushdie’s book. I am really glad he liked the work and granted me permission to use his words.

Every double page spread is a kind of triptych combining a color backdrop (original handprinted acrylic artwork 14x14cm) with one vintage photo fragment from Florence and one quote. The words are cut from the book and photographed.

The box of photos and selected sentences from the box flew together naturally in a liason, an airy dialogue.

I am a collagista. Everything which crosses my path is torn gently into fragments and imagined in new combinations.

watch the Making of on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/228130678