I believe strongly, that talking about my home habitat I talk at the same time, also about our huge habitat with all the implications on the relations between, nature, animal and human being. My home is in Piombino, Italy. A small city on the tuscan coast, situated on a promontory with water all around. A very contradictional place. The marvels of ancient etruscan sites, the beauty of endless white beaches in natural parks, the ecologic desaster of an gigantic old steelplant. A harsh period of work struggle and structural change. New opportunites like offshore fish farms in the golf of Piombino and expanding tourism. I am interested to explore – a flight in time between past and future – a literal glance under the surface – the opposite of “feet on the ground”. All this , flows together under my paintbrush, the digital brush of my ipadpaintings. The freedom of the digital brush stimulates my need for a spontaneous, quick, dirty, sketchy technique – painting with light. The animal inhabitants of my scenery are second hand creatures, I bought the figurines used in ebay auctions. I “fished” the  historic fish drawings out of the wiki commons net, and free in the public domain. They are mainly  hand painted around 1870: South Pacific fishes by Frank Edward Clarke (1899)